Challenges in using natural products

Now a days many people are acknowledging the importance of herbal or natural products. They are realizing chemical based products are harmful for them whether consumed internally or applied externally. Swami Ramdev ji has done a tremendous job in creating awareness about the rich Ayurvedic base of India. People are now recognising the fact that if their body feels any imbalance from its natural state, then healing is also in the nature itself. There is a reason why nettle plant is always beside dock leaves, a spinach like plant, as the former stings and the latter heals. However, using natural products has its own challenges.


In this modern era, we always feel short of time for self care. We have been so used to instant results caused by chemicals that it becomes difficult for us to opt for natural products. One needs patience and perseverance while using herbal things. Usually, we start using natural herbs & products only after we have damaged our skin , hair and health. At this stage sometimes it gets too late to recover. Since, we as brand Yauvanya deal in hair and skin care products, we interact daily with our customers who complain about hair loss and are looking for quick fix solution to reverse the damage. We suggest them to use Herbal mix consisting of Bhringraj, Brahmi , Amla and other herbs. Although these herbs are extremely useful and good for stopping hair loss, but to consider them as magical, which will somehow immediately reverse the hairloss that has occurred, is misplaced. So , our effort through our brand is to make people aware of this hard fact of life well in advance and encourage them to use natural products before the damage has been done. If middle aged people are facing these problems at least their children should not. For children its not easy to understand. We are facing this challenge with our children also. For example, they do not want to wash their hair with shampoo made up of amla reetha shikakai, as it does not have any fragrance or froth unlike chemical based shampoos. They do not want to use Neem powder or Amba haldi based natural face pack for acne but will instead go in for instant acne removal creams without knowing that actually that will harm their skin in the long run. As a fashion or style, young girls go to beauty parlours to get their hair colored with harmful chemicals. Even men do. People find it tedious to use henna/indigo for coloring hair naturally since it takes few hours for the whole process and getting the exact desired color tone is difficult, but atleast pure 100% natural product will not harm your hair.


In the nut shell, if you want your body to retain its youth over extended periods , start using natural/herbal products. Read and understand the ingredients of whatever you are buying. Patience and the consistency in choosing and using such products are the only two things required on your part, leave the rest to nature.

Go Natural !!!

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