In growing up days, without having much knowledge, I used to apply different face packs prepared by my elder sister, with multani-mitti or besan as the key ingredients. Also, I used to see my father using natural shampoo made with amla, reetha, shikakai to arrest hairfall. Now at this stage of our lives, after realizing the importance of these natural homemade recipes, we (me and my spouse) decided to start our own venture, leaving our corporate jobs. We wanted to make people aware of natural, pure and raw things, and also make available, good quality products under our brand Yauvanya.

Our Motto – Make People Love Themselves

Yauvanya means youthfulness and to stay young by being close to nature. By introducing various hair and skin related products using natural ingredients, we have been personally trying to educate people to go in for chemical free products. Because of our personal experiences, we can empathize with people, when they complain about hair loss, premature greying, dandruff, blemishes, wrinkles, pigmentation, acne etc, due to frequent use of chemical based products. We encourage them to use natural products and make them aware about the challenges of using natural products, as people looking for instantaneous results often lose patience.

We commenced our journey by introducing Indigo Powder under Yauvanya Brand, an excellent 100% natural alternative to hair dyes. This product was the result of my search for natural hair color when I saw my first grey hair. We launched it in US for online shoppers and got tremendous reviews. This gave momentum to our brand. We felt happy that we had many like-minded people. We approached farmers directly to ensure best possible quality. We researched and consulted experts, kept on adding products. One such product was Yauvanya Anti-hairfall Hair Care Pack which gives you an opportunity to make your own herbal shampoo at home and helps you fight hair-loss, if used regularly. Another great addition was Yauvanya Jadi Buti Mix – a combination of 11 traditional herbs, to make your own healthy herbal hair oil. In our endeavor to bring the best to our customers from across the globe, we are importing Black Moroccan Beldi Soap directly from Morocco. Another great product is African Raw Shea Butter which is made out of shea nuts grown in Africa. Today, there are more than 35 such traditional and exotic products that make their space in Yauvanya’s portfolio.

Profit is only one dimension for us. We also desire that our venture should blend seamlessly in the environment in which it exists, so that it is more sustainable and meaningful to the society at large. We took a decision to make needy and under privileged women as part of our team. We hired young married girls from our neighborhood, who were given an opportunity to indulge in something productive and also gain financially. We trained them and they turned out to be very efficient and sincere workforce for us. They consider this venture as their own and contribute to our efforts to improve upon existing products and introduce new products.

By grace of God and goodwill of our loyal customers, Yauvanya has become a byword for quality and has a footprint in more than 12 countries.

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Very inspiring.. now a days if someone is talking about “Make People Love Themselves” it’s a very big thing.. In a way YAUVANYA is making people happy…

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