A Unique Soap from Morocco

In our constant endeavour to bring the best to our customers from around the globe, we are importing Black Moroccan Beldi soap with argan oil from Morocco.

It is a traditional Moroccan beauty soap used in Hammams and is prepared from Olives and Argan Oil. Beauty experts around the world vouch for its excellent results. It is rich in Vitamin E and helps maintain the natural pH of your skin.

When we first introduced it as a soap the first reaction of our customers was like how can it be in a jar in paste form. Most of them had not even heard about it. They got surprised to see its texture, gel like consistency and the kind of packing i.e. a glass jar. Its color varies from dark olive green to dark chocolatey brown.

Best Black Moroccan Beldi Soap

It is a great exfoliant and helps your skin retain its natural oils. It is effective against blemishes and pigmentation. Argan oil helps in fighting acne. Beldi soap is suitable for all skin types.

Our customers who used it have been very satisfied with it and appreciate us for introducing this exotic soap to them. Many have made it an essential part of their regular skin care regimen.

Looking forward to bringing more such exotic beauty products for our customers…

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