Most people are guilty of damaging their hair in initial years either because of carelessness or because of ignorance regarding the right products to use ?

Best Hair Care Oil

Most common hair styling and hair care solutions in the market are chemical based and do a lot of harm to your hair.
The positive thing is people are getting aware nowadays of natural products which are available and are willing to try them.
I always advise people that its never too late to start something, to keep yourself and your hair healthy. All you need is a bit of patience and perseverance which are essential when using 100% natural products.
Mostly people are worried about greying of hair and that too prematurely. Often this is a direct result of using wrong products laden with chemicals.
One such natural product is Indigo leaf powder which when used in tandem with Henna gives a range of shades from brown to black.
The more you use indigo the darker is your hair shade. I too had never applied henna earlier but now I use Indigo Leaf Powder along with pure Henna powder and am very happy with the results.
The brown shade that I get merges beautifully with my black hair.
Moreover, I have started applying Best Hair Care oil once a week (inspite of having oily hair) and that too oil full of natural herbs. My hair gets conditioned and with lesser use of shampoo, the colour of my hair also gets retained for a longer time.
Best Hair Care Oil helps
  • Prevent premature graying. Premature graying has now become a recurring problem in youngsters. …
  • Prevent dandruff. Dandruff usually takes place as a result of dry scalp.
  • Bring Shine and strength. …
  • Relax your mind. …
  • Induce hair growth.
Hope, my experience will be of value to you and wishing you all happy hair days :):)
Looking forward to your queries/ questions and suggestions………


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